Enable effiecient

Workspace Beyond

Improve communication and collaboration among your internal users thou the use of unified communication tools and productivity tools in a secure and highly assailable workspace.

How We Can Help

Achieve higher efficiency and customer loyalty through the use of innovative solutions

Enable cross-department communication and collaboration with Office 365

Benefit from cross-functional team projects that cost across departments

Achieve staff loyalty from providing a responsive end-user computing experience

Reap the benefits of efficiency from having secure local and remote workspaces

What We Do For You

Various entities work together to provide the infrastructure needed to present a collaborative experience among members of a cohesive workforce.

Microsoft Office 365

Leverage the power of cloud computing and work with Microsoft Office's suite of office productivity applications

IP Phones

Keep connected with local and overseas colleagues using IP telephony technology that routes calls via your company's private network

Videoconference Systems

Conduct team meetings virtually and bypass geographical boundaries; Management can conduct town halls without the need to travel our of home base

Wireless Networks

Enhance connectivity in the workplace with WiFi networks, allowing staff to be more productive regardless of their locations


Access applications, send files and conduct meetings locally and across continents using IP-based LAN and WAN technology

Automated Software Updates

Effortlessly push software updates to client computers through the office network, without IR Department's manual intervention