Versatile Solutions to
suit industry needs


Every customer’s needs are different. Terrabit Networks’ range of Enterprise solutions allows it to offer secure, scalable solutions that are customised to individual customers’ requirements. It possesses a portfolio of projects, accumulated over the years, spanning a wide range of industries. Terrabit Networks is armed with the expertise to build future-proof solutions that position its customers ahead of the competition.

Financial Services

Highly-available systems with near 100% uptime support banks and other critical financial institutions. Redundant systems replicated across multiple data centres ensure customer data remains secure and services are available round-the-clock.


Distributed data centres allow company headquarters to connect with their remote plants. An automated IT-basd manufacturing solution allows for an efficient assembly line with quality control monitoring while a supply chain system provides for an end-to-end logistics connection.

Media and Communications

Cloud computing enables rich media to be shared virtually regardless of location, while furthering the reach to the tech-savvy consumers. Leverage the technology that supports the explosion of data and the proliferation of new media platforms driving the digital revolution.

Multinational Business

Global companies can seamlessly connect their multiple locations with a network of distributed data centres. Managed services, backed by our alliances with world-class carriers, allow the efficient transfer of data at this massive scale.

Public Sector

As governments evolve together with private enterprises, they can harness the power of cloud computing to allow them to offer event better services to their citizens through smart nation initiatives.