Work securely
anywhere on-demand


Leverage the power of the Internet to work anywhere in the world, on-demad, while having the assurance of secure access to your important applications, files, and data.

How we can help you

Enjoy the benefits of location-independent cloud-based services.

Work anywhere in the world with seamless access to your applications and data

Retrieve data on-demand, anytime from the always-on Internet

Enjoy secure, private access to data and proprietary information

Offer private or public access to your applications and services

What we do for you

A full suite of services comes together to form a complete cloud solution, enabling secure, borderless, seamless access to applications and data.

Microsoft Azure-Enabled Cloud

Enable tight integration with Microsoft Azure, coming from the world lead in server and PC software, whether your servers are Windows or open-source based

Composite Web Applications

Create composite web applications with shorter time frames and at lower development costs be leveraging a service-oriented architecture

Tight Cybersecurity

Achieve pease of mind through the implementation of infrastructure application and network-level security that prevent compromise of data and identity

Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud

Build your own cloud customised to your needs, a public cloud offering services to the public, or a hybrid cloud that allows easy adaptation with changing requirements

Enablement of Managed Services

Terrabit Network’s best-in-class cloud technology allow the provision of managed services across diverse geographies and easier for cross-border collaboration

Business Continuity Planning

Migrate the effects of natural man-made disasters with cloud-based backup and bring your business back online with minimal downtime